Euan Macleod  

Euan Macleod - Painter
Travelling Survey Exhibition – New Zealand 2015-2018

' The unformed figure emerging from the sea, drifting in a dinghy, walking on the hills, the rough landscapes surrounding him, the sense he gives of coming from some hidden place and going somewhere, alone and yet haunted by others—these things disturb and satisfy me in ways I don't try to analyse. I look at the painting and let it work.'
Maurice Gee



Euan Macleod – Painter was curated by Gregory O’Brien, originally with the title Euan Macleod – The Painter in the Painting, under the auspices of the Tauranga Art Gallery, and began travelling the country in 2015.

Future travel dates are as follows:
(Please check that these are accurate for later dates as they may vary slightly)

The Suter Art Gallery, Nelson. 20 Feb – 1 May. (10 weeks)

Central Stories Museum and Gallery, Alexandra. 3 June – 27 July. (8 weeks)

Millennium Public Art Gallery, Blenheim. 6 August - 18 Sept. (6 weeks).

Ashburton Art Gallery.   1 October - 4 Dec. (9 weeks).

Aigantighe Art Gallery, Timaru. 10 Dec- 12 Feb 2017 (9 weeks)

Southland Museum, Invercargill. 18 Feb – 7 May (11 weeks).

Sarjeant Gallery, Whanganui. 20 May – 6 Aug (11 weeks)

Te Manawa Museum of Art, Science and History, Palmerston North. 19 Aug – 19 Nov (13 weeks)

Whangarei Art Museum, Whangarei. 3 Dec – 25 Feb 2018 (12 weeks)

Pah Homestead, Auckland. 16 March – 27 May (10 weeks) TBC

Pataka Art + Museum, Porirua, Wellington. 16 June – 9 September (12 weeks) TBC




Euan and survey exhibition curator, Greg O’Brien, at the inaugural exhibition at the Tauranga Art Gallery.




L-R: Greg O’Brien, then-Director of the Tauranga Art Gallery, Penny Jackson, Euan and Jenny Neligan, director of Bowen Galleries, Wellington, at the exhibition at the Tauranga Art Gallery.


Euan and director of the Suter Art Gallery, Nelson, Julie Catchpole, at the Suter.



The Suter exhibition.