Euan Macleod  

Niagara Galleries
8th October to 2nd November 2013

The thirty two new works that make up Colossus deal with extremes. In these works, the landscape has been pared back to its essential forms as heightened atmospheric conditions take to the fore. Plumes of smoke become a heavy presence, billowing from craters and out of the ground, concealing figures and distorting the landscape. A lone fisherman is barely detectable through the crashing waves that threaten to envelop him. In other works, it is as if these forces have been given human form as monolithic figures dwarf their settings. While some benignly survey their surroundings, others offer a more menacing presence as they take up a boxing stance or stride towards a tiny rowing figure, making palpable the vulnerability one faces when confronted with the intensity of the elements.

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Smoking Colossus Crater Ocean/Fishing Colossus Split Self Portrait (Lyttelton Harbour)
Figures Into Smoking Landscape Yellow Smoking Landscape Shovel Man Smoking Bathurst Landscape Grey Smoking Landscape
Into Volcano Figure Above Dark Island Rogues gallery White Head Rogues Gallery Dark Figure Rogues Gallery Smoking Figure
Rogues Gallery Black Head Rogues Gallery Facing Left Rogues Gallery River Mouth Rogues Gallery Over Mountains Rogues Gallery Blue Sky
Rogues Gallery Crater Man Rogues Gallery Rain Man Rogues Gallery Coastal Rogues Gallery Split Rogues Gallery Desert Man
Rogues Gallery Facing Right Rogues Gallery Over Boat Rogues Gallery Blue Boxer Rogues Gallery Grey Boxer Rogues Gallery Volcanic
Study Yellow Smoking Landscape Study Orange Smoking Landscape      

Victor Mace Fine Art Gallery
9th to 30th November 2013

July this year saw Euan at Haasts Bluff (also known as Ikuntji), in the West MacDonnell Ranges, central Australia, resulting in this collection of works to be shown at the Victor Mace Gallery.

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Haasts Bluff Diptych Shoveler/Haasts Bluff Haasts Bluff - Figure In Hill Boatman Entering Cavern Figure In Cavern
Smoke/Napoleon Reef Figure Below Mountains Haasts Bluff Near Memory Hill Indistinct Figure Horizontal Figure On Road Haasts Bluff White Table/Haasts Bluff
Haasts Bluff Car Wreck Haasts Bluff Vertical Figure On Road Vertical Figure With Shovel Haasts Bluff Crossing River Study Haasts Bluff Fire
Study Lying Figure In Cave 1st Haasts Bluff Study Self Portrait In Cave Shovel Man Study Car Wreck 1
Car Wreck 2 Car Wreck 3 Car Wreck 4 Haasts Bluff Small Fire Figure/Waterhole 1
Figure/Waterhole 2 Figure/Waterhole 3 Figure/Waterhole 4 Johnson 1 Johnson 2
Dark Dog Light Dog Dog On Green